Campus management software or campus management system will fill the gaps in the administrative manual processes and also eliminates the manual errors.

Welcome to Campus Shiksha an educational ERP!!!

This page helps you out in the step by step complete configuration setup of Campus Shiksha as per the needs of your institution. There are master data and report sections in the configuration module of Student information system. First things first lets start with Institution name.

Step 1 : Update Basic Information of your institution.

Master -> Campus Info

You can modify the campus name or institution name, Email, Address, Contact Info, Website if any and also upload the logo. We have some additional optional fields if relevant can be entered.

Step 2 : Update other details regarding to campus

Master -> Campus Setup

Update standard of Instruction, attendance track of staff and students. Staff attendance can be manual or biometric based. Student attendance has 3 variants manual, Biometric or period wise attendance. Next is Applicant track, if student track is selected you can directly add and assign student to a particular class. If application track is selected you can add an application of the student set an interview date, make the student eligible and then convert the application to actual student. Application number can be auto generated or user defined. Fee Receipt, if Non Sequence Receipt No For All Fees is selected you will have individual number ordering(Receipt Id) for each kind of fee heads you add, if Sequence Receipt No For All Fees is selected you will have unique number ordering(Receipt Id) for all fee heads. Please leave the other fields as it is and change the timezone as per your location.

Step 3 :Add Campus Division

Master -> Campus Division

Add or edit campus division details. eg: Science division, Commerce division etc

Step 4 : Add Batch and Class details

Master -> Batch

Add batch expects batch name, start date and end date of batch as input. Please keep this information handy before updating batch. eg : Batch 2017-18 starts in May 2017 and ends in April 2018. Your batch name will be 2017-18 ideally and start date will be 1st may 2017 and end date will be 31st apr 2018. This start date and end date will be used in monthly fee collection. In the similar way you can go ahead and select the division and edit batch name as well.

Master -> Class

Select batch under add class, you can add any number of new rows and add class names. eg : PP1A, 10th Grade, I Sem(CS) etc

Step 5 : Add class Schedule

Master -> Class Campus Schedule

Select batch and class, update the number of periods for each day and also assign holidays if any.

Step 6 : Reports

Under this menu you will have access to information about campus, batch, classes and invoices if any.

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